.Airbnb: We got upgraded from a spare room to a whole little flat at the back of someones house, because it was off season.  We were so happy to be able to have a home cooked meal againOld Town, EdinburghLeith, Edinburgh (where we currently live)Trying all the vegan things! This is Jacks favourite chocolate bar. We ate this meal so many times to save money, because we couldn’t cook while staying in hotels/Airbnbs.  Thanks Tesco!Processed with VSCO with f2 presetBread rolls, couscous, falafels, hummus and mixed salad. We always ate this meal in the park in front of the castle, and always with about five layers of clothes on to keep warm. Calton Hill, EdinburghThe view from Calton HillOld Town, Edinburgh is so beautiful!Early mornings in Edinburgh.


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh

  1. I was thinking of you guys earlier this week & wondering how you were getting on… congrats on being in your own place again, I love the feeling of having a kitchen after going without for a while!!!


    1. We are going great 😀… Jack has a job now and I’ve had to do a few things before I try and get one too.. UK 🇬🇧 living is definitely expensive especially for the amount you get paid, but we’ve been loving Edinburgh!! We have a spare room if you’re ever up this way and want somewhere to stay btw 😊we just need to furnish it first 😝


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